2023: PDP’ll bring back robust economy- Elumelu

Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon. Ndudi Elumelu has called on leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to come with strategies aimed at economic recovery capable of leading to a single-digit or at most, a double-digit dollar exchange rate immediately “the party democratically takes over governance in 2023.”


Describing PDP as “a government in waiting,” Elumelu insisted that such rapid economic recovery is achievable under the right leadership direction “which only the PDP can offer under the prevailing circumstance.”


Elumelu, who spoke at the ongoing two days retreat organized by the PDP National Working Committee-elect in Abuja, maintained that Nigeria is blessed with abundant human and natural resources, argued that the Al Progressives Congress, APC-led government have simply failed to govern the country well.


Elumelu stressed that working along the vision of the PDP for a new Nigeria, the nation has the potential for rapid economic renewal that can lead to “a single digit unemployment rate, single digit bank lending rate; a double-digit fuel price and drastic drop in the cost of food, healthcare and other necessities of life.”


According to him, “these feats are achievable if Nigerians collectively vote out the APC and exert themselves along the line of PDP’s vision for a new Nigeria. Nigeria is blessed with abundant resources and we always excel under the right leadership direction.


“Nigerians cannot wait for the APC, a party of barefaced liars, swindlers, treasury looters and accursed oppressors, to go in 2023, so that our country can again experience the peace and economic prosperity they once enjoyed under the PDP.


“The APC is a fascist-minded party. It does not believe in the prosperity, freedom and personal liberty of citizens. It does not believe in development and even distribution of resources. It is at best, a cartel of power mongers and political bandits seeking only to devour the nation for their selfish gains.


“The APC and its administration have no answers to the myriad of problems they created for our nation. In fact, APC’s inability to conduct a national convention and achieve a structured leadership at all levels across the country underscores its rudderlessness and explains why our nation is in shambles under its watch.


“So, the APC cannot be part of the new Nigeria our citizens yearn for. It should therefore fizzle out of our political atmosphere, come 2023,” Elumelu stated.


The minority leader however warned that, despite its failures, the APC will fight to keep its “claws in the neck of our nation” by deploying “its stock-in-trade of propaganda, fake promises, false performance claims, intimidation of citizens and electoral manipulations in a desperate attempt to cling to power.”

Junaid Hasan

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