The Omehia's Enjoy Knights of Saint Mulumba's $th Degree Promotion

Former Governor of Rivers State, Sir, Celestine Ngozichim Omehia and his amiable wife, Dame Dr. Eghieso Anthonia Omehia, on Saturday 24th April joined other eminent Nigerians of the Calabar Metro Council of Knight of Saint Mulumba, at St’ Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Efut-Abua in Calabar, Cross Rivers State capital for another well-deserved honour.

The event which was put together by the Supreme Knights of St Mulumba, Bro. Diamond Ovueraye was the 4th Degree Admission and Investiture ceremony to reward deserving Knights of St. Mulumba (KSM) who have distinguished themselves and served meritoriously in the Lords Vineyard.

The high-point of the occasion was the presentation, performance of the Investiture Rights and decoration of the newly promoted Knights by the Supreme Knight. Earlier in his homily, the officiating Minister urged the newly promoted knight to remain good ambassadors of the church, family and society at large. With the Investiture rights ceremony over, the newly promoted knights, danced to the Altar in thanksgiving to the Almighty God.

In a brief chat with XCEL Reporter, Sir. Celestine Omehia thanked the Almighty God for the recognition, adding that without God nothing is possible. According to Sir. Omehia who is also a Papal Knight of St. Sylvester (KSS) “I thank the Supreme Knight for considering me worthy of the this promotion to the 4th degree, I can assure you that it will spur me to do more as the Lord enables me in His vineyard”.

For the former Governor, it has been a season of rewards as earlier on 30th January the Council of Government recognized traditional Rulers of the Ikwerre Local Government Area honoured Him and his wife with a special ageless chieftaincy Title of “Eze Gbuwaru Uzo Ke’ Ikwerre” and “Ugoeze of Ikwerre”, literary meaning “The Patthfinder of Ikwerre” and “The King’s Support” respectively. That was in recognition of his political exploits and emergence as the historic first Governor of the Ikwerre extraction. Congratulations as you bask in this your season of recognitions.


Junaid Hasan

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