Aggrieved MBA Investors, Take Protest to Christ Embassy

A select group of investors who invested their money in MBA Forex company with a juicy expectations of 15% monthly returns organized a peaceful protest to the premises of Christ Embassy Church. 

It will be recalled that the company’s CEO, Mr. Maxwell Odum is said to be a member of Christ Embassy Church and winner of the church’s “Top Partner of the Year” in 2020 as the highest donor.

MBA Forex is known by many as a Forex Trading Company which solicits for investors with a juicy monthly Return on Investments of 15%. The company had constantly met the obligation to the investor until sometime in November 2020 when she started defaulting in payment to investors.

This led some agitated investors to institute legal actions against the company. Even the CBN and EFCC are said to have gotten involved in the case and for which an injunction was sort and gotten by the Apex Bank to freeze all a counts of the MBA.

However, the protest to Christ Embassy Church according to the Spokesperson, on Monday 3rd May 2021 was not against Pastor Chris and his Church, but aimed at appealing to the Man of God, to prevail on his spiritual son, Maxwell Udom to pay investors their money.

Click to watch video https://youtu.be/iqDnaQInRqw

Junaid Hasan

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