Our Philosophy

XCEL MEDIA LIMITED, which derived its name from the word ‘Excellence’ to portray our ideals of excellence, is a Media conglomerate promoting the African ideals through her Print and Electronic arms, XCEL INT’L Magazine, a full-colour general-purpose celebrity magazine, XCEL RADIO (online) & XCEL TELEVISION (online). The motive is to promote excellence among Africans in general. There is no denying the fact that the mass media is the main instrument to project the image of a people. It is the tool that corporate organizations, institution and governments have used in the civilized world to build their image.
Despite this awareness and, in spite of the proliferation of media organizations, in Africa, the reputation of the continent in the eyes of the globe remains the old unpleasant history it had been. Its image had become so bastardized so much so that their origin is no longer a thing of pride to so many Africans. In essence, therefore, Nigeria as an integral part of the continent has its own share of the problem and hence the birth of this noble dream within her shores.
Like every other media organization, XCEL’s main motive is to enlighten and educate her teeming readers whose scope has been further enlarged with our presence on the worldwide web. In doing so, we adopt a positive approach that will assist in building our continental image. There is no doubting the fact that there are several Nigerians and Africans who have excelled in various fields. The achievements of some of these individuals or corporate organizations are in most cases, relatively unpopular as a result of inadequate publicity. XCEL, with the burning desire to bring to light the achievements of these individuals and organizations, shall scavenge the entire African community and get such exploits exposed through publications in our magazine, radio and television.
The motive of the XCEL is to celebrate Africans who are excelling in their various fields of endeavor either in the arts, the academics, business, politics, Science and other areas as a way of projecting them as role models for our tomorrow generation. Our three cardinal points shall remain our PEP (People, Events & Places) option. XCEL’s projection method is an attempt to foster the expression of a continental identity.
This method, which is basically a developmental Journalism approach, will contribute in no small measure to the development of the continent. This approach is specifically geared towards promoting in individuals, internal strive among Africans to excel in their various disciplines which overall impact will be the eventual development of Africa in its entirety. Above all, the inclination of XCEL, first and foremost, is to arouse Africans through our write-ups. Project and create broad awareness of abounding talent by celebrating those who perform outstandingly, thereby encouraging a general strive for excellence.
In a nutshell, XCEL apart from being a source of enlightenment exalts infotainment as core values for its readers as well as project and promote the identity of Africans and indeed, the entire black race. It is an organization that will promote politicians, business executives, tourists, and everyone who has a patriotic interest in Africa and its development agenda.
With such an onerous task of celebrating those who make us proud as Africans, we cannot but parade a team of prolific professionals and writers with variegated exposure in the journalism and Public Relation profession It is therefore our avowed commitment to build the XCEL Brand which all that associate with us, will be proud to be part of.

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