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XCEL MEDIA LIMITED is a wholly Nigerian-owned limited liability company incorporated on 23rd May 2002 to carry on the business of media and related services. As a media company, XCEL MEDIA LIMITED, carry out its traditional role of watch-dogging the society by informing, educating and entertaining her publics through her print and electronic arm. For the print arm, the company has successfully commenced operations with the setting up of XCEL International magazine since year 2000.
XCEL International Magazine, an all-gloss, general purpose celebrity magazine was set up with the mission to celebrate Africa and her nationals who excel in their various field of Endeavour as a way of pursuing her vision of touching the psyche of the average African, and totally repositioning our black continent in proper perspective in the eye of the globe. In 2015, the company successfully set up her Online Radio and Television and has since then remained consistent in delivering quality and rich programs.
Other services we render include Media and Information Technology Consultancy, Corporate and Product Promotions, Radio and Television Productions as well as website development. At the helms of affairs is our Chief Executive Officer, an erudite administrator, Mr. Barth E. Emuekpere, a fellow of the institute of Independent Marketing Management of Nigeria (FIIMN). However, XCEL MEDIA LIMITED successfully made it international business debut with the setting up of the company in South Africa as XCEL MEDIA SA (PTY) LTD in 2008.

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