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XCEL MEDIA LIMITED is a wholly Nigerian-owned limited liability company incorporated on 23rd May 2002 to carry on the business of media and related services. As a media company, XCEL MEDIA LIMITED, carry out its traditional role of watch-dogging the society by informing, educating and entertaining her publics through her print and electronic arm...

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In meeting up with the ideals of international best practices in the media sub-sector, we embark on top-of-the-range event packaging ensuring that our clients enjoy superlative back-ups..


The XCEL Creed.

To us in XCEL, EXCELlence is never an accident. It is achieved in our organization only as a result of an unrelenting and vigorous insistence on the highest standards of performance, It requires an unswerving expectancy of quality from all staff and volunteers.


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With over 2 Decades of Celebrating African EXCELlence, a lot of opinions have been formed by as many people that have come across XCEL. Here are a few


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